Practical research

To find out how my system should be, I talked to different people, possible users, psychologists,
psychotherapists, did short trials and developed scenarios. The most important projects and aspects
are summed up in chapter four of my thesis:

4. Practical research
4.1 What is important in keeping a diary?
4.2 Express your feelings
4.3 How well can you remember and how do you visualize?
4.4 Scenario sketches – What could happen if emotions are recorded?
4.4.1 Who is good for your mood?
4.4.2 Show your mood directly
4.4.3 Corporate Mood
4.4.4 New methods of judging a person
4.4.5 Ambient home
4.5 Show how you feel directly
4.6 Conclusion

>>> download the chapter "Practical research" as pdf

After that I started designing my own system.